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  • A Sustainable Sisterhood

    A closer look at the real meaning of sustainability this Fashion Revolution Week Written by Lottie Lewis The Salt Sisterhood is a community deeply rooted in nature. Our essence is found in the gently flowing tides, in the rolling waves and the forests and fields that surround our coastlines. The retreats we host are focused on connecting women with the outside world, allowing them to find peace, happiness and themselves. For this reason, we are dedicated to being as eco-conscious and sustainable as possible. Our new swimwear line meets these morals and beliefs. For she who is stirred by the sea, each piece is made with careful consideration for the environment and for people. When thinking about slow fashion, most of us simply think of the materials a product is made from. Surely as long as the fabric is organic or recycled then a piece is sustainable? This isn’t quite the case... Sustainability within fashion reflects not only the environmental impact of a brand, but the social impact on people and the supply chain when creating a garment. The Fashion Revolution is an initiative launched to bring awareness to wages and working conditions. Fashion Revolution Week unites the world’s largest fashion activism movement, educating and inspiring everyone to know the real value of what they buy and wear. The theme for Fashion Revolution Week this year is MONEY FASHION POWER. The campaign is calling for new laws that require businesses to conduct due diligence on living wages, transforming the lives of the people that make our clothes and redistributing money and power throughout the global fashion industry. Many big brands rely upon exploiting both natural resources and labour. Prices can be kept low by underpaying workers, and unregulated working conditions make for unsafe, unsustainable factories. Fuelled by overconsumption and throwaway fashion, our clothes have lost their real value. However, the rise of slow fashion is turning the tide on this. The Fashion Revolution calls for safe, fair and dignified working conditions for everyone in the supply chain, an end to waste, an industry that works to conserve precious resources and regenerate ecosystems, and much more. Click here to read all about it. The swimwear of our Salt Collection is created to last. The fabric is made from regenerated nylon in Italy, sourced from ghost fishing nets and other plastic waste destined for landfill. It’s buttery soft, flattering and durable, plus it cleans up our oceans and tackles plastic pollution. Not-for-profit organisation Earth.Org found that up to 1 million tons of ghost fishing nets enter our oceans every year, a shocking statistic that leaves us feeling incredibly concerned for the health and wellbeing of marine-life and the climate. Not only does the ocean provide us with solace, but it’s an integral component in the survival of our planet, making it our duty to protect it. By working with fabrics that are created from recycled marine plastics and pollution, we are making small steps towards saving our seas. Designed and tested in Cornwall and made in London, we keep our air-miles to a minimum and carbon footprint low. We chose to manufacture in Britain as we wanted to guarantee, and see for ourselves, that the garment-makers had exceptional working conditions and fair wages. Each piece is handmade by talented sewing machinists in London, in a factory that prioritises low carbon emissions and working conditions of the highest standard. By sourcing our fabrics from regenerative processes and working with ethical makers, we are opposing the throwaway, fast fashion industry and taking responsibility at every step of the supply chain, from conception to finished product. At The Salt Sisterhood we know that sustainability is a partnership between planet and people, and there is no sustainable future in fashion without considering the workforce as well as the production and materials. To support slow fashion is to carefully consider the clothes we buy and knowing the value of what we wear. We need to choose ethical brands and companies and take care of our clothes. The most "eco" items are the highest quality ones that last the long-haul, being fixed and patched, darned and loved for years on end. We envisage your Salt Swimwear pieces accompanying you on many a dip and surviving the test of time.

  • Sisters of Swimming

    Words by Lottie Lewis | Images by Megan Hemsworth I don’t really remember the first time I went for a cold water dip. I’ve grown up in the sea, snorkelling and surfing and splashing in the waves, but it was only as I got older that I began swimming with intention. Packing my bag and setting off for the coast with the goal of pure immersion. Calling the girls and organising a sea swim. Planning my mornings and evenings around the tide and sun position. Slowly and without realising it, swimming has become as commonplace in my day as my morning tea. Aside from the pastime and the pleasure, cold water swimming has started conversations, opened doors and introduced me to other like-minded water women. It’s encouraged me to talk about my mental health and discover that we are all in this (ocean) together. Over the past few years I’ve swam alone and with my sisters and my best friends and new friends and old friends. I feel so grateful to be a part of a wonderful sea sisterhood. Through our ever-changing emotions and situations, trials and tribulations, the ocean has stayed steadfast, welcoming us back every time. One. Sometimes it’s important to be alone. To settle into the rhythm of our thoughts. To know that we can do things by ourselves. The calm that I feel when I swim solo is unmatched by any other activity. Attuned to the sound of my dogs paws crunching in the frost, winter boots thudding against the footpath, the westerly wind in the trees overhead, my nose sniffing and the rustle of my woollen roll neck in my hair, I make my way to the water. Thoughts fly around inside my head as I pull my hat lower, my hair escaping. I take a deep breath, before pulling off my socks and wading silently into the sheltered harbour. Hidden from view and watched over only by empty fisherman’s cottages, I slide into the inky depths, my breath mingling with the steam rising from the sunrise surface. All feelings of anxiety and reproach, stress and sadness dissipate. I sink into a place of solitude, held by the gentle swell of the tide, the ocean reminding me that we are never really alone when in nature. Two. My sister and I cycle in the sunshine to the coast. Singing, we weave across the empty roads of the first lockdown, absolutely aware of how incredibly lucky we are to have the sea as an escape from the monotony of isolation. Our backpacks are stuffed with swimsuits and towels, bottles of water and chocolate bars. We feel giddy with freedom. We free wheel down the final hill and bump our bikes across the golden sand. Mother Ivey’s beckons us with her turquoise tenacity, enticing us into deserted crystal ocean. Shrieking as we run towards the shoreline and diving below the surface before our toes have hardly touched the water, we remember what liberty tastes like. No rules or curfews, boundaries or behaviour, it’s as if we had forgotten how sweet the salty sea can be. Cold water swims during dry lockdown days were our salvation. Three. Through refreshing dips over the scorching summer, hot rocks dotted with naked bodies, burning our bums and rolling in the white sand, we reawakened our inner wild women. We stoked a smouldering fire within the sisterhood of swimming. My best friends and I decided to escape the crowds and venture west. Taking our tents and dogs, bikinis and boards, we headed to the beaches that lay down winding roads and steep descents, where the water sparkled and the crowds were sparse. Years of carpark changing has made us feel entirely comfortable together. We immediately strip off to nothing, bare bottoms suspended in the air before diving head first into clear waters. We lounged by the coast for days, no phone signal or commitments drawing us home. We’d rinse the salt from our freckled skin in the river, before retiring to our tents under a full moon, only to spend the next day exactly how we’d spent the last; drinking tea, swimming in the sea, exploring the footpaths with the dogs and watching the sunset with mugs of wine in hand, sharing secrets and stories, wishing the summer would never end. Mid-week dreams. Eight. Winter is easier with a tribe of sea-loving kin. I feel immensely lucky to have girlfriends who love braving the waves, diving into cold water and encouraging each other to take the plunge. The idea of the unofficial ‘after work winter swim club’ came easily; I wanted to connect all the water-women I knew. My sisters and friends, cousins and acquaintances. I organised the first meet on my Stories, simply stating the idea (cold water dipping with likeminded others), place (my favourite secret spot) and the time (the half an hour of light between finishing work and sunset). When I arrived at our meeting place there was a group of girls huddled together. A sea of faces of my favourite people, bobble hats bouncing in the wind, bags stuffed with towels and swimsuits, an assortment of knitted jumpers and tracksuit bottoms. Women from all professions and walks of life, upbringings and situations, united by a love of cold water. The moon was rising and the light fading as we waded into the sheltered waters of my favourite swim spot. Shrieks and laughter rang through the depths of December. Each of us swimming for different reasons, but emerging from the ocean with the same range of emotions; euphoria, pride, peace. The ‘after work winter swim club’ reiterated that together we are stronger. Together we can weather the storms. One. And then I was alone again. Packing my swimsuit and pouring myself a steaming flask of lemon and ginger tea. Coaxing my dog out of bed as the sun rose over the eastern horizon. Heading down to the shoreline as the first rays of the day spilled across the still surface, my breath mingling with the mist rising from the ocean. The never-silence of nature reminds me I am not alone, really. The sea birds wheel overhead and my dog takes up her sentry at the water’s edge. I sink slowly into the dark depths of late winter, and notice there’s a hint of spring in the morning air. Today I feel peaceful and the ocean mirrors my emotions right back at me. Words: Lottie Lewis Images: Megan Hemsworth With thanks to Atlantic Blankets for the cosy companions.

  • The Surf Sisterhood Cornwall Retreat - Dive in

    A blog written by our Surf Sisterhood 2019 retreat guest Theres Heinrich One week, seven days returning to (or rather starting) a yoga routine. Cornwall, southwest England, is no typical place for yoga or surfing as you might imagine other places such as Bali or Sri Lanka. But, for me it was really the perfect combination. I could not wait to get on the plane at the beginning of my trip, the journey really came at the right time. Digital detox and discovery of your own doshas included! However, more on this later - but one thing was said at the very beginning: It was so fantastically beautiful! I have not laughed and learned so much in a long time. From the group dynamics, to the conversations - it was just as good (or even better) as I had imagined it to be. Cornwall Cornwall is calm, harmonious, green and wet. In addition to the single airport runway, there is only space for 84 people at Newquay Airport. The weather changes every hour between rain, sun, fog and storm. But I like it and enjoy it very much. The Week and Daily Run Each day started with a morning yoga session in one of the most beautiful yoga studios imaginable. Looking out over the small boats, the first rays of sunlight of the day shone through the glass vaults of the studio, the wooden floor warm under our yoga mats and feet, we watched the dew and fog play millimeters above the water surface. Then home, for breakfast together. Every morning there was another hot dish, which we enjoyed in the kitchen overlooking the harbour and shared our goals for the day. Pear porridge, chia pudding with chocolate or grilled mushroom bread as a refreshment for the day prepared by the always smiling Kat. Then packing our stuff and start looking for the perfect swell. Change in the van (a mobile changing room!), warm up on the beach, grab the surf board and get into the cool water. After surfing we always had our strength returned with a cup of hot chai tea, banana bread and delicious energy balls by the beach. In the late afternoon, when we are back at the tranquil Salt House, where we lived together for the week, we have some free time for ourselves. Reading, sharing the experiences of the day, sharing tips and life philosophies. In the evening we went either to the town to eat together in one of the many sweet little restaurants of Falmouth or cook together in the kitchen at home. Every day was different: Depending on the weather conditions, the swell and thus the perfect surfing conditions changed every hour. This means that the days are spontaneous and flexible. Depending on the location, a yoga session is held either in the morning or in the evening. Twice we did yoga in the morning and then we went out to the beach. Due to very good surfing conditions on two more days, that changed and the yoga and meditation classes were moved to the evening. We were able to use the right wind in the morning and take full advantage of the surf! On these days we had lunch at the van. After a break in the warm sun, we went in for a second time into the clean waves. In the afternoon, we made small trips to more beautiful places, to Kynance Cove, to the workshop of OPEN Surf and to local brands like Atlantic Blankets. Yoga and Meditation How was the yoga? Can beginners keep up? Yes, definitely! The nice thing about this retreat is that you do yoga in a smaller group and spend several days together. Thus, the yoga teacher can better understand and meet the individual needs of each participant. It has become clear that the well-being of each person is very important to Lauren. Basically you can divide the yoga and meditation sessions during the retreat like this: Vinyasa Yoga (mostly in the mornings as an eneregising flow to focus and to start the day) Breathwork as a support during the exercises and meditation Yin Yoga (in the evening, as relaxation/opening of the muscles and reflections on the day) Surfing Patrick was a great surf teacher. Full of patience, motivation and fun, he has approached every wave with us. Warming up at the beach, body surfing through the waves, Patrick has shared every little detail with us and even pushed us with confidence into the intermediate green waves on the last day. The surf sessions are something for every level. Lauren surfs the bigger waves further out with the more accomplished surfers while Patrick strives for the perfection of the still practicing beginner surfers. And so we had plenty of time for us, as well as always a private professional by our side, who surfed side by side with us in the white water waves to constantly give new tips and tricks for improving. Popping up, foot positioning for a better and easier turn, how to immerse yourself in a wave that is too big to avoid being swirled around by the force. The salty taste, the sound of the sea, the glitter of the breaking waves I still remembered all these details in the evening when I went to sleep. For hours we sat on our boards, enjoying the Cornish landscapes or a new wave towards the beach, facing the green cliffs - rushing with euphoria and freedom. And yes, on the last day we finally all sat together, out there in the green water, trying out the bigger waves. The sisterhood all together + Patrick. The feeling as I take my first green wave, was indescribable. Strength, energy, self-confidence! Amazing. I came back up from the waves breaking over me, leaning on my board smiling, ready to paddle back out to the others as they cheer me and shine at least as well as I do, pure pride. "And how does it feel?" Soft, gentle - happy. Why I Loved the Retreat So Much Lauren and Patrick really gave all their love to this retreat, the group had a great dynamic and I felt really good. We got along so well that we formed a little sisterhood "in our little bubble," as we called it. I was able to fully let go during the yoga sessions and was simply relaxed at the end of the week. The combination of the vibe of Cornwall combined with the family-like principles of the small retreat made one grow, relax and open up. Lauren has come up with sweet little things that have harmonized the retreat: The Salt Sisterhood Goody Bag, which greeted us on our comfy beds on arrival, was filled up with sustainable and useful products, especially during the retreat (Surfer sunscreen from SeventyOne Percent, A Salt Sisterhood camping mug for our chai teas, and my chakra band from Pineapple Island, which still recreates my daily mantra) and each of the yoga classes was completed with a blissful Savasana (the extended lying incl. Small massage of the forehead and temporal region with the fingertips with some delicious smelling oils). During the retreat, Lauren and Patrick are fully responsive to the needs of the participants, so we put the world to rights during the car rides, started a race with the other car or simply shared the silence and enjoyed the passing green scenery. All in all a very harmonious and loving retreat, which I would like to experience again. Thanks to all participants and The Salt Sisterhood for this great experience! Thanks to Theres for writing this lovely review of our Surf Sisterhood week, and also a BIG THANKS to these brands who supported our retreat and made the experience extra special by gifting us these treats for our Salt Sisterhood goody bags: SeventyOne Per Cent Thought & Built by surfers this amazing sunblock kept our retreat guests well protected from the sun while they were in the water. This stuff really stays on good and the best part - it's made from all natural ingredients! Check them out: Pineapple Island We were treated by Pineapple Island to some delicate handmade chakra themed bracelets West Coast Surf Wax Our boards were kept nice and sticky with wax from this UK based wax company, not only that but they also very kindly kept our hair smelling delicious with some of their new eco friendly shampoo bars! Do you want to join us in 2020 for our Surf Sisterhood retreats? Find out more here This was September 2019... SEE ALL OUR 2020 DATES HERE

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  • Yoga & Wild Swimming Retreats For Women | The Salt Sisterhood | Cornwall

    1/14 SOLD OUT - JOIN WAITLIST CORNWALL Yoga& Wild Swimming Retreat 2024 Dates Coming November - Sign Up Now June 3-8: Sold Out Join the Waitlist June 10-15: Sold Out Join the Waitlist Sept 30th - Oct 5th: Sold Out Join the Waitlist Oct 14-19: Sold Out Join the Waitlist ROOMS & RETREAT INVESTMENT Prices below are per person exclusive of flights and transfers. Bookings are on a first come first served basis and are subject to our booking terms & conditions. PRIVATE KING ROOM WITH EN SUITE (single occupancy only) - £1,800 - A luxurious room for one guest with a private en suite bathroom featuring a rain shower and a freestanding roll top bath. Your room faces a view to the woodland and green hills rollling down towards a peek at the blue sea between the ancient oak trees. You'll sleep on a spacious and cosy king sized bed and enjoy a comfy reading chair. There is wardrobe and drawer space - The perfect room for a guest wanting total privacy and space. Please note that we only have 1 of these rooms available so please be quick if you'd like to make it yours. - SEPT 30: SOLD OUT OCTOBER 14: SOLD OUT JUNE 3: SOLD OUT JUNE 10: SOLD OUT ---------- PRIVATE KING ROOM (single occupancy only) - £1,650 - A luxurious room for one guest with a large cosy king sized bed, wardrobe space, dressing table, drawers and a comfy reading chair. The perfect room for a guest wanting a little more privacy and space to themselves. - JUNE 3: SOLD OUT JUNE 10: SOLD OUT SEPT 30: SOLD OUT OCTOBER 14: SOLD OUT ---------- SHARED TWIN ROOM - £1,450 - A luxurious room for two guests sharing with 2 twin beds, wardrobe space, dressing table, drawers and a comfy reading chair. The perfect room for two guests to share. - JUNE 3: SOLD OUT JUNE 10: SOLD OUT SEPT 30: SOLD OUT OCTOBER 14: SOLD OUT ---------- SHARED ROOM - £1,350 - A cosy space shared with other guests, each with their own alcove space and a comfy single bed, side table and reading light. A light and airy sociable space but with the added privacy of your own cosy little corner. Great for our guests traveling to the retreat alone or with a friend. - SEPT 30: 1 SOLD OUT OCTOBER 14: SOLD OUT JUNE 3: SOLD OUT JUNE 10: SOLD OUT ---------- ​ A deposit of £450 is required to secure your booking Being in or near the ocean has immense health benefits, this is your time to allow your eyes to stretch to the blue horizon and your lungs to fill with the fresh salty sea air! Enjoy these benefits at our women's yoga retreat in Cornwall, combined with daily nourishing mindfulness practices at our Yoga & Sea Swim retreat. This unique yoga retreat in Cornwall takes place in the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of the famed south coast of Cornwall. You will stay in our exclusive country retreat home, eat daily delicious fresh and healthy meals prepared by our own talented chefs, enjoy yoga and meditation classes and of course daily trips to the ocean where you are free to enjoy the water in whichever way that you want to - sit by the water's edge and take in the view or if you're feeling really brave - swim, plunge or just float! It's your retreat... Yoga & Wild Swimming Retreat, Cornwall YOGA We will practice yoga and meditation sessions each day. In the mornings we will wake up and invigorate with an energising vinyasa flow class with options available for all levels of practitioner. Evenings will include a combination of free time to relax and winding down with stillness practices such as Yin and Restorative Yoga. Your teacher will guide you through these practices with a compassionate approach, always encouraging you to rest when you need to and look after your body - be kind to yourself! It does not matter how much or how little yoga you have practiced before, our teacher will guide you through the alignment of the postures and hold space for your practice. This is your retreat, so if at any point you feel you would rather rest or take part in another activity then you are free to enjoy your time with us however you wish to. SWIM TRIPS Each day of our retreat we will discover a new and stunning swim spot in the area. Transport will be provided and both our local qualified lifeguard and swim host will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and to make your swims both safe and fun if you decide to be brave and get into the water. We will provide you with beach towels and there are facilities at the retreat house for washing and drying your towels which you are free to use. This retreat was inspired by a book called Blue Mind by marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols - written about the remarkable effects of water on our health and well being. Even just being near to the water has an almost immediate and profound effect on us - we recommend this book highly, it is a good and interesting read for your blue minded retreat! FOOD Our in-house retreat chef will prepare 3 healthy and delicious meals per day. On your day of arrival there will be dinner and on your departure day there will be breakfast for our final meal all together. We cater to your individual dietary requirements - just let us know. WHAT'S INCLUDED? - 5 nights accommodation at our stunning country home located on its own peninsula with private beach and serene woodland walks all around. - Daily Yoga and Meditation sessions, all of which are optional. Our highly experienced teachers will guide you safely through these practices no matter your level. We will enjoy both flowing and energetic yoga as well as restorative stillness practices and meditation during our classes . ​ - Delicious and nourishing healthy meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by our own retreat chef using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Our food will be vegetarian but if you require vegan options or have any other dietary requirements we will be happy to accommodate you. ​ - Guided walks to discover new and hidden swim spots in the local area where you can choose to swim or just sit and soak in the beautiful scenery. - More special surprises that we can't tell you here! LOCATION Our retreat house is a uniquely beautiful property located on its own peninsula surrounded by the seas of Cornwall on the south coast. You will feel immediately at home in this cosy and welcoming space. We are lucky to have access to our own private beach where we can take swims or just simply sit and relax. The property is surrounded by a historic woodland where you can explore the coastal paths and get lost in nature. ​ ​ ​ ​ Our Retreat House Affectionately referred to as 'The Bubble' by our previous retreat guests, this retreat home has it all - sea views, private beach, woodland walks, cosy spaces to curl up. All this can be yours to enjoy for 5 days of bliss... "This was a very special retreat. I was just expecting some days off work in a nice location, but it turned out to be a retreat in the most literal meaning! From the minute we stepped into the beautiful spacious house, where the air was smelling very promising of melted chocolate (vegan brownies in the making by the lovely chefs) it felt like we were stepping out of the real world. Lauren truly created the perfect getaway. Early morning swims in the sea, little mindfulness practices here and there, amazing food all day long, yoga in all its forms from moving and sweating to restorative and meditation, amazing food and of course the sea!! We explored many different places and picturesque scenes all captured by talented photographer Lizzie, who took pictures in and out of the water. I am really thankful for this experience and can’t wait to be back!" Sabine, 3 Time Retreat Guest SOLD OUT - JOIN WAITLIST

  • Contact Us | The Salt Sisterhood

    Contact Us Please use the following contact information to reach us, we are a very small team but we endeavor to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. Returns & Order Enquiries: ---------- All Other Enquiries:

  • Yoga & Wild Swimming Retreats For Women | The Salt Sisterhood | Cornwall

    FAQ Below you'll find the most commonly asked questions about our retreat, we have collected all these questions together to help you get a better idea of what to expect at our retreat and if it's right for you! If your question isn't listed below, please get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. CAN I COME TO THE RETREAT BY MYSELF? Yes! The vast majority of our guests arrive at the retreat as solo travellers and leave with a whole new group of swimming buddies. Many of our past guests have stayed in touch and organised their own swim trips together. So we would not only say yes that you can come alone, but that we would actually encourage you to! We aim to make our retreat as warm and welcoming as possible - just ask any of our past guests! ​ WHAT LEVEL OF FITNESS DO I NEED TO HAVE TO ATTEND THE RETREAT? Although we encourage our guests to retreat the way they want to and skip any activity that doesn't suit them, we do recommend that you have a good level of physical fitness at the time you visit us so that you can enjoy and get the most out of all our planned activities. Some examples of what we will be doing include: a 40 minute moderately paced walk on woodland tracks; an hour long Vinyasa Flow Yoga class designed to challenge you but build strength and flexibility; a rock jumping swim session where we will climb down some rocks and jump from around 1 to 2 metres of height into the sea! Our guests can choose to skip any activity during our week, but to enjoy your time with us to the fullest you will need to be physically fit enough for the activities listed above. DO YOU CATER TO DIETARY REQUIREMENTS AND ALLERGIES? Yes! We will ask each guest at the time of booking if they have any dietary requirements or allergies at all and our experienced and talented chefs will be happy to accomodate them. CAN I BRING MY STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD, KAYAK OR OTHER CRAFT TO THE RETREAT? Unfortunately we cannot allow guests to bring their own watersports equipment to the retreat as we have not risk assessed these activities, and our qualified lifeguard can only provide water cover for swimmers at this time. ARE YOUR RETREATS INCLUSIVE TO TRANS WOMEN? Yes, absolutely! If you have any questions you'd like to ask us please get in touch

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