Below you'll find the most commonly asked questions about our retreat, we have collected all these questions together to help you get a better idea of what to expect at our retreat and if it's right for you! If your question isn't listed below, please get in touch and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Can I come to the retreat by myself?

Yes! The vast majority of our guests arrive at the retreat as solo travellers and leave with a whole new group of swimming buddies. Many of our past guests have stayed in touch and organised their own swim trips together. So we would not only say yes that you can come alone, but that we would actually encourage you to! We aim to make our retreat as warm and welcoming as possible - just ask any of our past guests!

What level of fitness do I need to have to attend the retreat?

Although we encourage our guests to retreat the way they want to and skip any activity that doesn't suit them, we do recommend that you have a good level of physical fitness at the time you visit us so that you can enjoy and get the most out of all our planned activities. Some examples of what we will be doing include: a 40 minute moderately paced walk on woodland tracks; an hour long Vinyasa Flow Yoga class designed to challenge you but build strength and flexibility; a rock jumping swim session where we will climb down some rocks and jump from around 1 to 2 metres of height into the sea! Our guests can choose to skip any activity during our week, but to enjoy your time with us to the fullest you will need to be physically fit enough for the activities listed above.

Do you cater for dietary requirements and allergies?

Yes! We will ask each guest at the time of booking if they have any dietary requirements or allergies at all and our experienced and talented chefs will be happy to accomodate them.

Can I bring my standup paddleboard or kayak or other craft to the retreat?

Unfortunately we cannot allow guests to bring their own watersports equipment to the retreat as we have not risk assessed these activities, and our qualified lifeguard can only provide water cover for swimmers at this time.

Are your retreats inclusive to trans women?

Yes, absolutely! If you have any questions you'd like to ask us please get in touch