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 A Sustainable Sisterhood

Our deep love and appreciation of nature fuels our need to protect it. At The Salt Sisterhood, sustainability is rooted at the core of everything we do. We carefully consider the ways we can make our retreats eco-conscious, and aim to connect every woman who joins us with the natural world. The Salt Sisterhood swimwear range is ethical and eco-friendly. We wanted to create a product that was beautiful, functional and kind to the planet. Therefore, we are extremely mindful during the entire process.



Did you know that the fast fashion industry is the world's second largest polluter just after the oil industry? 

There are some pretty shocking statistics that come with throwaway fast fashion... the answer? To make our clothes last us longer through the use of high quality fabrics, superior production processes and favouring classic wearable styles which stand the test of time over passing trends.

Our collection is built on the feedback of our retreat guests, and what they look for in their ideal swimwear. In a survey sent to our entire database, 98% of women said they prefer to wear classic styles which never go out of fashion over passing trends, and 72% expressed that the sustainability value of a brand is of very high importance to them. In response to our existing customers' requests, we created a collection of beautiful and  wearable pieces made with recycled materials, that will stand the test of time across all aspects.


Every item in our collection is made with a recycled fabric made from marine plastic, such as spent fishing nets, and waste destined for landfill. An infinitely recyclable nylon which is buttery soft and comfortably stretchy, perfect for the wild water woman. Our fabric is a premium quality fibre which has exactly the same properties as brand new virgin nylon - but unlike brand new nylon, is produced without dependance on crude oil and vast amounts of water in its production processes. Blends of this eco friendly yarn produce a premium techno-fabric with the following qualities:

- Recyclable at End of Life
- Shape Retention & Long Life
- UPF 50+ Chlorine and Saltwater Resistant
- High Strength and Stretch

Image by Julissa Santana
Image by Jonas Jacobsson

Made in
the UK

Exceptional pay and
working conditions

Superior Quality

Made Responsibly
in Great Britain

Our swimwear is designed in Cornwall and made in London. Being British made minimises travel miles, keeping our carbon footprint low, and also allows us to oversee production from beginning to end. We are proud to support the local workforce. Each piece is made by hand in an environmentally friendly, ethical factory by talented machinists who are paid fairly and work in exceptional conditions. The factory prioritises low carbon emissions, too. Every item is designed, if cared for properly, to last a lifetime. Our swimwear is of an exceptionally high quality, flattering and durable, made for she who is stirred by the sea.


Recycled, Kerbside Recyclable, Plastic-Free

Your Salt Sisterhood pieces will arrive in plastic-free packaging via our carbon neutral shipping.

Your swimwear will be lovingly packed in a Salt Sisterhood signature organic cotton bag and shipped in a recycled box, printed in the UK with non-toxic inks and entirely plastic-free. Our boxes are kerbside recyclable.

Image by Marcell Viragh



Avoid waste +

Preorder System
Good things take time.


Through our customer preorder system, we aim to eliminate any overproduction and waste. Overproduction is one of the most harmful aspects of the fast fashion industry as it currently operates. By opening preorders we are able to more accuratly understand from our customers which quantities we should make in our small batch production process, thus avoiding waste and overproducing.

IMG_8071 3.jpg

We champion fair wages and exceptional working conditions by making in the UK.

We chose to manufacture in Britain as we wanted to guarantee, and see for ourselves, that the garment-makers had exceptional working conditions and fair wages. Each piece is handmade by talented sewing machinists in London, in a factory that prioritises low carbon emissions and working conditions of the highest standard.

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