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Our Story

“On some level, I’ve always known the water makes me feel better…”

  When Salt Sisterhood founder Lauren realised that she felt the same sense of calm after being in the sea mirrored in her yoga practice, an idea began to form. She wanted to create a space that brought women together, allowing them to feel the healing benefits of both activities in combination. Within a supportive community, Lauren dreamt of teaching others the tools she used in her own life to combat anxiety, reconnect with herself and find happiness. Lauren’s dream became a reality when she founded The Salt Sisterhood in 2018. The retreats are focused on a central theme of connection which is interwoven throughout the experience. The meaning of the word Yoga is 'to unite' or 'to bring together', essentially - it is all about connecting. Connecting with nature, with one another and ultimately with oneself. The Salt Sisterhood allows women to delve into wild swimming, practice yoga, mindfulness, meditation and eat healthy, organic food. Lauren’s aim is to enable you to come home to yourself in a welcoming, inclusive space.

An Interview with
Our Founder

Founder Lauren has a moving story to tell about the power of swimming and its ability to bring people together and forge female friendships. In this episode, Freya Bromley speaks with Lauren about the retreats she runs along with partner Patrick, banishing negative self talk, how we can not just accept that there’s light and dark in life, but also lean into it. And how yoga and swimming can help with that.


What's in a name?

Read more about the story behind our name from our founder Lauren

Our Ethos

Created on the foundation of connection, The Salt Sisterhood embodies this idea through each aspect of the business. Through exploring our connection with nature we encourage women to experience the benefits of cold water swimming and being outdoors. We also strive to champion sustainability within our supplier relationships, and always consider the effect of The Salt Sisterhood on others and the environment. The food served on our retreats is organic and locally sourced where possible, and our swimwear line is handmade in the UK using environmentally friendly materials. We feel a strong connection with Mother Nature, and therefore we are constantly working to protect her. Read more about our sustainability policies here:

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