MYMARINI Coastal Escape Cornwall Retreat | 2019

For the second year running we hosted the MYMARINI Coastal Escape Cornwall retreat back in early June and now that we've had all of the stunning shots back from our retreat photographer Lizzie (and some from Salt Sisterhood Founder Lauren), and a little teaser video from the wonderful Jake - we wanted to share with you what we got up to during the week...

This year our Coastal Escape retreat in partnership with MYMARINI Swimwear saw women travel from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to come together for five blissful days of Yoga, refreshing sea swims, mouth-watering wholesome food, meditation, relaxation and a whole lot of laughter. This year's guests were super keen for the cold water swimming element of the retreat, and we were very happy to see that all 8 of them braved the early morning swims without wetsuits and with gusto! Cold water swimming was new to a couple of our guests, but they braved the waters and by the end of the week they started to find our swims both relaxing and enjoyable.

Our retreat itinerary this year saw us in the sea for an invigorating early morning plunge at 7am from the House Beach, back up to the house for piping hot showers followed by Yoga practice at 8, after which we slid our feet straight under the big table for a well-earned hearty and delicious breakfast prepared by chefs Tess & Jo. Following breakfast our guests enjoyed some free time - wandering the grounds of the house, exploring the woodland on our doorstep, reading, chilling out, playing games and two of our more active guests even completed a half marathon around the local countryside! With Tess and Jo's beautiful retreat food always in the back of our minds, we happily arrived again at the large family-style table for lunch, followed by our daily Coastal Escape trip - exploring a different hidden gem of the south Cornish coast each day and of course another swim in the sea.

A few hours out in the fresh air called for more relaxation to enjoy free time before the ever anticipated 'gong' of the dinner bell. Each night we were treated to Tess and Jo's insanely delicious culinary creations, and as everyone sat down to begin eating a familiar silence would fall over the whole table, only interrupted by the odd 'mmmmm' and perhaps the sliding of chairs as guests helped themselves to seconds (or thirds if possible). And if that wasn't enough, there was always a sweet treat waiting for us to enjoy after dinner, completing our daily schedule of food heaven.

Our evening Yoga practice focused on meditation, relaxation and winding down after a very full day. During the retreat we explored a few different types of yoga practice, depending on the theme from one day to the next. Our daily themes helped us as a group to make the decision to really be mindful, and as we tuned into a particular intention for each day we became more aware of how we could embody our intentions and theme wholly, whether it was moving our bodies on the Yoga mat or interacting with the water during our swimming trips. These practices of intentional mindfulness are the little love notes that we hope our guests can bring away with them to apply and weave into their everyday lives once out of the 'bubble' of retreat life.

This retreat is really a retreat in every sense of the word. It's an opportunity to escape everyday life and intentionally connect with yourself in ways you might not ordinarily think of or even have time for in busy and hectic day to day living. So, why do our guests refer to this retreat as 'The Bubble' anyway? For starters our retreat house is in a remote location, passing through fields and winding tracks you will eventually arrive to the curly Oak trees of the estate belonging to our beloved bubble. The location and house itself provides the perfect setting, but more than anything we feel it's the people who make this place really special. We have such a great team at The Salt Sisterhood, and by the end of the week it feels as though that 'family' has grown even bigger as we get to know our guests and they leave with more friendships than they had when they arrived.

“Water can give us energy, whether it’s hydraulic, hydration, the tonic effect of cold water splashed on the face, or the mental refreshment that comes from the gentle rhythmic sensation of hearing waves lapping a shore. We know instinctively that being by the water makes us healthier, happier, reduces stress and brings us peace.”

- Wallace J. Nichols

Our next Yoga & Sea Swim retreat is happening in September and we have just 2 spaces left - if you'd like to make one of them yours, get in touch with us or Book Online

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